Kayaking in Repovesi National Park


Kayaking gives you a freedom to explore big rocks of the Repovesi National Park from the lake side point of view. Kayaking along the lakes, stranded islands and and the views on top of the rocks are something what makes your eyes go around. We went with my friend Luis to an kayaking adventure in Finland midsummer to explore Repovesi National Park. Watch the video of the adventure bottom of this article.

Big rocks and lakes

Our journey started from Hillosensalmi, where we rented our kayaks and started kayaking. First day we paddled thru the Karhusaari to the Löppösenluola. Löppösenluola has been some kind of ritual place in 5000 years ago. On the rock you can see color red of the old figure painting. After the stop we continued our journey cross the Lapinsalmi bridge, which is the the main entrance to the park. A long the south we arrived to Kapiavesi and Tihvetjärvi. From Tihvetjärvi you can get under a small bridge in Kivisilmä to Luujärvi. We put our hammocks just before the river in Kivisilmä and slept there over the night.

Second day we started paddling thru the slow river in Kivisilmä. Basically you can just relax and enjoy the slow flow movement of the river. River flows to Tihjetjärvi, where we headed back to north and crossed Erikinsaaret, which is place with fireplace to sleep over the night. Way back Kapiavesi we stopped for lunch in Määkijä camping site, where we also to visited few friends who were having more traditional Finnish midsummer. After the lunch, we filled our water bottles in a dwell and we headed to Kuutinlahti to see more big rocks. In Kuutinlahti you can see rockery views and a watchout tower on top of the Mustanlammin vuori. We made short trek from Karhulahti to top of the Mustavuori and to the viewpoint which gives the best views of the National Park.


It’s easy to move around lakes with kayaks

 Climbing Rock

There is also a climbing rock in Repovesi. Here you can see few climbers on their work

 Rock painting

What do you see in this painting?

View from Mustavuori

Sunsets are full of color in midsummer

Before the sunset, we paddled to stranded island Korpisaari. Climbed up to the rock and set our hammocks on highest point, where you can see lakery view of Repovesi. Midsummer in Finland is sunniest time, because sun just barely goes under the horisont (expect in the northest part of Finland where the sun doesn’t set at all) and rise up again. During the midnight you can see the most beautiful sunsets. Sleeping in a hammock is cool experience, because if you wake up middle of the night and have difficulties to fall sleep again, you can just open your eyes, watch the sunset sceneric trees around you. I guarantee that it will make you to relax and you’ll be in sleep in no time.


Kayaks gives you a freedom to move around easily and they can hold your camping gear in storages

 Lunch with view

We had lunch on top of the Mustavuori and you can’t go wrong with the views

 Hammock is great way to sleep in summer time

Hammocking in midsummer is a great way to see sunset scenery during the night

View from top of the Korpisaari

Stranded island Korpisaari offered some of that adventurous experience to sleep in a hammock

Watch the video of the Repovesi National Park

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