First outdoor camping trip in 2020

Häkkilä, Haukivuori

During these COVID times I haven’t been able to travel to my home city to see my mom, but I wanted to surprise her on mother’s day. At the same trip I could sleep few nights in nature and have a small gear test and videograph outdoors. I packed up my backpacks and drove on Friday from Helsinki to Mikkeli and to Haukivuori. I had my big backpack packed full of gear and decided to go for overnight trekking trip in Häkkilä. It was pretty late of evening when I arrived to beginning of the trek, so I walked few kilometers and slept in a forest in a hammock.

Beginning of the night was warm and I could already hear few mosquitos flying around my sleeping bag. During the night it started to raining and night got much colder. My summer sleeping back was in serious test and I had to wear all extra clothes what I had to keep myself warm during the night.

Calm and peaceful night

Calm and peaceful night

Watch the video of trekking in Häkkilä:

Suur-Petäinen, Kuopio

Next day I drove closer where my mom lives and decided to go for the night to Suur-Petäinen lean-to. For my amaze, there was still a bit of ice on the lake. Beginning of the evening was really windy. I mean windy as it can be; wind was blowing from all directions, and I was thinking that I’m able not sleep in hammock if the night is going to be as windy as the evening. But suddenly just before the sunset weather calmed down. Everything was peaceful and calm. Sun was setting behind the lakery view and swan couple landed to the lake to enjoy quiet night. Eventhought night was calm, temperature drop down to freezing point during the night. At morning I drove to my moms house, surprised her with a gift and we had chat, before I had to drive back to Helsinki.

Link to the video from Suur-Petäinen:

Calm and peaceful night

Calm and peaceful night

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