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26 June / / Camping
Kayaking gives you a freedom to explore big rocks of the Repovesi National Park from the lake side point of view. Kayaking along the lakes, stranded islands and and the views on top of the rocks are something what makes your eyes go around. We went with my friend Luis to an kayaking adventure in Finland midsummer to explore Repovesi National Park. Watch the video of the adventure bottom of this article.
13 June / / Camping
Liesjärvi National Park is located about 100 km to North-West from Helsinki. It’s not a big park, but it has few good and easy access sightseeing routes. Park is easy to access by your own car or by bus. I went for a trekking trip on Saturday morning till Sunday evening with group of friends. We started from the Savilahti camping site and decided to walk all over tothe Kaksvetinen camping site, where we wanted to sleep over.
30 May / / Camping
Sometimes you don’t need big plans to go outdoors and have amazing time. You might just call to your friend, ask what’s up and go for a trip outdoors overnight. That is how this trip came to alive. It was Saturday morning when I called my friend to ask if he has any plans for the night. Weather was hot and sleepinig outdoors in a hammock would be a perfect idea.
10 May / / Camping
Häkkilä, Haukivuori During these COVID times I haven’t been able to travel to my home city to see my mom, but I wanted to surprise her on mother’s day. At the same trip I could sleep few nights in nature and have a small gear test and videograph outdoors. I packed up my backpacks and drove on Friday from Helsinki to Mikkeli and to Haukivuori. I had my big backpack packed full of gear and decided to go for overnight trekking trip in Häkkilä.